About Us

BULNED MT specializes in the extraction and supply
of high quality Vratza limestone.

Production is based in the quarry of Stanevi Nivi,
located in Mezdra municipality, near the town of Vratza
- the whole region has a proven history of supplying
natural stone to Bulgaria and the nearby countries
for more than 100 years.

BULNED MT has significant experience in the running
and management of other stone-excavation operations,
and this has given the company the confidence and conviction that it:

- has the managerial and technical expertise to extract limestone
- possesses knowledge of the market - both locally and globally
- can deliver to its partners and clients high level
of service and product quality.

The production of Bulned MT is globally known.
Above 50% of the supply goes to Greece, Italy, Germany, Hungary,
Serbia, Romania, China, South Korea, Turkey and other countries.



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